The 4-Step Process of Document Translation


The process of document translations involves more than simply interpreting words on a page from one language to another. At BridgeLanguages, translation involves a thorough, 4-step process that starts with initial document review and ends with accuracy checks and final delivery. Learn exactly what happens as we mange your translation project from start to finish at Bridge.

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Why Working With a Professional Translator Is Important


Should you trust your company’s translation project to a bilingual colleague or other non-professional, or go with a translation company? The reasons to choose a professional company may not seem obvious at first, but factors such as translators’ credentials and industry expertise as well as the quality assurance a company can provide are just some of the reasons it makes sense to put your translations projects into professional hands.

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What Makes a Translation Good?


Your company needs documents translated, and you want to be sure you’re getting high quality service from the provider you choose. But what makes a a translation is good? A quality translation doesn’t just focus on the meaning of words but also their context, nuance, and cultural implications. Here are 4 specific points to check for when it comes to quality translation services.

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Student Spotlight: Katy Parr, Spanish Language Student at Bridge in Denver


I honestly couldn’t imagine a better classroom environment than the one I have found at Bridge. Before I began my studies here I sat in on different classes all around the Denver Metro area. This program stood out to me because they had incredibly small class sizes which makes it possible to learn at a structured yet flexible pace.

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