Learning Spanish? 5 Regional Differences in How it’s Spoken Around the World


Spanish is the second most widely spoken language around the world, so it’s understandable that the language varies throughout Spanish-speaking countries. While every country speaks Spanish a little differently, there are some common differences between how it is spoken in Latin America vs. in Europe. If you’re looking to learn Spanish, it’s good to be aware of these differences between the dialects!

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Can You Learn a Foreign Language as an Adult?


As adults, we may wonder if it’s still possible to learn new things – such as a foreign language– or if it will simply be too difficult to be worth the effort! However, it might surprise you to learn that research actually shows adults have certain advantages over young language learners when it comes to mastering a second language! Furthermore, learning a foreign language can even benefit the brain of adult learners, keeping the brain healthy longer.

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Simultaneous vs. Consecutive Interpretation: What is the difference and which one do I need?


If you are hosting a meeting, conference, visit, or other event that will involve multiple languages you will need an interpreter to help communication run smoothly. Yet there are different types of interpretation services. Which one do you need? The main two types of interpretation are simultaneous (SI) and consecutive (CI). Here’s a quick breakdown […]

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Should you study Brazilian or European Portuguese?


You’ve decided to study Portuguese but you’re stuck between two options: Brazilian Portuguese? Or European Portuguese? There are vast differences between the two: the languages differ in pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, and the cultures are unique. Some people say that the Portuguese and Brazilians can even have difficulty understanding each other! This may be an […]

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